The other options during your stay:
During your visit to Medjugorje we can organise trips to:

Široki Brijeg 30 km away from Medjugorje.
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary where Franciscan priests have been killed and Franciscan monastery

Humac (Ljubuški) 15 km away from Medjugorje.
You can visit church of St. Anthony with relics of St. Anthony, Franciscan monastery and Art Gallery.

Kravice – waterfalls 15 km away from Medjugorje
River Trebizat runs close to Ljubuski town and creates beautiful 120 m wide natural amphitheatre where water falls to the depth of 28-30 meters and creates beautiful lake. You can see nature that has been untouched and magnificent waterfalls with beautiful surrounding.